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Valens Point helps small business owners increase the value and ‘sellability’ of their companies.  Owners should be rewarded for their hard work and personal investment at transition time – we help you achieve this.  Valens Point’s services are aimed at increasing revenue and improving profitability systematically and in a manner that helps our clients achieve both their business and personal goals.  We deliver measurable results that increase your business value by focusing on the implementation of practical changes based on simple, actionable, and measurable advice.


Phone:  703.587.7421


Member Profile:  Debra Mendes

Debra Mendes, Valens Point


Title:  Managing Partner


phone:  703.587.7421


Debra brings a wide range of experience accumulated during 25 years of consultative experience, ranging from IT application development, business development, solutions development and services marketing.  Ms. Mendes has led global teams devoted to methodology development, deployment, management of the full range of solution development, communication activities, sales channels enablement, and resources to support strategic plans for sales and marketing objectives.

Debra Mendes is responsible for the Valens Point marketing strategy and programs.

Ms. Mendes comes from an early foundation of small business, entrepreneurship family and community.  Her passion is to bring the experiences gained throughout her career back to the small business owner in the area of  Marketing and the development of solutions and strategies for Professional Services organizations.

Debra attended Columbia College earning a BS of Business Administration degree.  Debra currently resides in Charles Town, West Virginia.